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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Web Accessibility and the Americans with Disabilities Act

It seems that lawsuits over in-accessible commercial websites are becoming less uncommon. The outcome of these lawsuits (and the subsequent appeals) will determine if the Americans with Disabilities Act will be enforced in the field of web accessibility. Currently there are a variety of governmental policies related to accessibility, but the outcome of the Target lawsuit will set the stage for the future.

Many web development “professionals” don’t give topics like accessibility (or standards compliance) the attention they deserve. (If you’re wondering why I stuck professionals in quotes, the article A web professional never stops learning may shed some light on the subject.) I’ve found that many people in the business world don’t understand the importance of standards compliance and accessibility in website development. They simply go for the “best” (cheapest, easiest, and fastest) solution without realizing that they’re being cheated; all they end up with is a poorly engineered site that eventually needs to be replaced. Web developers need to educate each other about the necessity of good development practices, and then they need to educate their clients (and potential clients).

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