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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Summer

This summer, I returned to the vCloud team at VMware in Cambridge. I’ve been living in Central Square above Toscanini’s and commuting to Kendall Square on foot, by bike, or, in bad weather, by taking the T.

I’ve had a few recurring events for fun; Pandemonium Books and Games organizes Saturday night Munchkin games and some “Cambervillian” xkcd readers (plus friends) get together for games on a weekly basis (as well as other events).

In June, I presented an Introductory Xen session at Usenix with Wenjin Hu for the second time. Our slides have been posted on the COSI website under a Creative Commons license. This November, I’ll be presenting a similar session at LISA with Professor Matthews.

Last month, Suzanne and I traveled to Provo where we stayed at the to the Seven Stars Resort for a week-long vacation.

Oxt weekend, I will be heading back to Potsdam. On the 17th, Suzanne and I will be moving into our apartment at Clarkson to begin work on the Integrator’s Freshman Survival Guide.

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