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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Semester Wrap-up: Things I Learned

Below are some highlights of what I learned this semester.

  • Through Projects
    • Autoguilt
      • More about how to use Drupal as a development platform
    • Benchvm
      • A lot about how procrastination prevents any work from getting done
    • Management
      • How to control Xen programatically
      • About how to use ssh keys, bash scripts, and php to automate tasks
    • SVN
      • How to set up a subversion server
      • A lot more about the inner workings of subversion
  • Through Presentations
    • Xen Workshops
      • The different Xen networking configurations and how to use them
      • How to run PV Xen in a Xen HVM guest
    • Web Development Presentations
      • Various things about how teaching web development is different than teaching web design
    • Server Hardware Presentation
      • About various technologies that we’re considering using for production with the new hardware

For more information on what I’ve learned, check out my changes on the wiki.

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