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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

End of Semester Status

I thought as a sort of semester wrap-up, I’d post the current status of my projects and my plans/to-do list.

Current Status:

  • The production blades seem to be up and running stably with the bugs worked out.
  • Animal disk I/O is still running slowly.
  • Righteous seems to still be stable.
  • The wiki seems to have everything worked out except for some last few policy decisions.

Future Plans/To-do list:

  • Increase size of the cluster image
  • Troubleshoot Animal’s disk I/O issues
  • Roll out the ldap image
  • Start work on a Google Android project
  • Refine documentation (e.g. AoE Setup Process, add ip/mac/distro to vm template)
  • Clean up scripts on Righteous and Animal (specifically with regards to Error Checking + Validation)
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Saturday, December 1, 2007


I thought I’d make some notes of some things I’ve changed/done over the past day or so before I forget to write them down somewhere.

  • Removing the network udev rule on several virtual machines (cluster, time, xen) experiencing networking issues
  • Updating the sudoers file on the primary machines (righteous, animal, hydrogen, helium, lithium) (no changes to people, just to options, such as enabling logging)
  • Updating the banner text on hydrogen, helium, and lithium ( smslant font,
  • Updated the wiki creation how-to
  • Recreated comm as a fresh (64 bit) image
  • Created an image for ldap
  • Created an image for zimbra
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