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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The New Production Blade Setup

Because of the recent issues with 0001 and 0010 and the fact that the only proposed fix was to update the image (which would involve recompiling the kernel), it was decided that it would be easier (and make more sense) to speed along the development of a 64-bit dom0 (which was already in development on berylium [formerly 0100] by Jeremy), and get it to the point where it could be copied onto other blades to get everything back up (instead of fixing the current dom0s and switching to 64-bit in a week or two). A “rough draft” has been put on lithium [formerly 0011], and most of the VMs are up and running there. The game plan is as follows:

  • Get berylium cleaned up and everything installed and working (e.g. nagios plugin and live migration setup)
  • Boot into a live cd and tar it up (tar -cvvpf backups/tarnamehere.tar . –exclude=backups/* –exclude=dev/* –exclude=media/* –exclude=mnt/* –exclude=proc/* –exclude=tmp/* –exclude=xen/*)
  • Boot 0001 and 0010 into live cds and untar it there
    • Change dhclient.conf
    • Change hostname
    • Change hosts
    • Change sshd_config
    • Change motd
    • Change fstab UUIDs
      Change macid in network-bladecenter-bridges
    • Remove udev rules for networking
  • Reboot the blades (which would, at that point, be hydrogen and helium)
  • Hope everything works (troubleshoot as necessary)
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