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Friday, October 5, 2007

Fedora Images (rpmstrap)

I recently tried to set up a fedora Xen image with little success. Maybe I’ll be able to find something when I look around again, but I thought I’d at least make a post so I remembered where I ran into issues.

In theory the setup is basically the same as creating a debian/ubuntu image except that you use rpmstrap (apt-get/yum install rpmstrap). In theory, you should then be able to run a command such as “rpmstrap –arch i386 fedora7 /mnt/tmp/”, but rpmstrap doesn’t seem to come with scripts for Fedora (it comes with quite a few, but sadly the Fedora ones were missing). I tried installing rpmstrap on a few platforms (debian etch, ubuntu fiesty, fedora 7) to see if the scripts were included on one or them, but I couldn’t find them if they were.

Update: It looks like rpmstrap supports up to Fedora Core 4, but since I’ve only used Core 6 and 7, I didn’t recognize the nicknames for the earlier versions. Sadly Core 4 is so out of date that there is no easy way to install it and upgrade from there, but now that I have something to work with, I might work with someone more familiar with Fedora and hammer out a script for 7 (I can’t be the only person wanting to use rpmstrap to install Fedora).

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